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“Gail was a rock to me during a period in my life where I didn't know which direction to turn in. She helped me to organise my thoughts, ambitions and direction in life so that I felt empowered to carry on myself. I now know where I want my life to go, I'm on the right road to achieving my life aims and I know how to cope with and overcome life's quirks! But even when I have occasional low times, I know I can turn to Gail and she will be there to help me. She has a wonderful way of getting you to feel comfortable and at ease with her, and that you are in control of your own life. Gail is a wonderful life coach with natural skills in helping and guiding people.”

Shelley P, Dorking


“Coming out of foster care and having moved to a foreign country all within a summer, Gail Lowe, was able to offer me unfailing support at a time when I most needed it. She truly is one of the best friends I have ever known and yet has always been very professional. A genuine, real life, angel. I would recommend Gail as a mentor to anyone.”

Rebecca Blake, Kent, UK


“Gail has helped me enormously with my personal relationship and career. She is always able to identify areas that I have been blocking myself and to help me see ways around the blocks. I have known Gail for a number of years now and she has the ability to identify things that I have not wanted to face. As a coach myself, I value the input that other people can bring as I know, we all blot things out and sabotage ourselves sometimes, however unintentionally. It’s great to have someone to call on who can cut through the ‘rubbish’ and help solve the real problem.”

Jo Delaforce, Biggin Hill, London

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