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Below is a list of websites which I have found useful and inspiring, as well as some more practical life-changing sites. These sites are updated regularly so please check back often to find new recommendations.  And feel free to email us with your suggestions of sites you think would help others too.

Holistic relaxation and beauty therapy
A site for those seeking relaxation and harmony of body and mind.
Inspirational Quotes
A website for inspirational quotes which you can search for quotes on different subjects. You can also sign up to receive daily inspirational emails.
The Foundation for a better life
A US site designed to encourage positive values in everyday life. It includes inspirational stories and quotes and is also a source of inspiring images which you can print off for your own use.
The Secret
The site that reveals the most powerful law in the universe - the law of attraction in an easy to understand way. Download the film for a truly inspirational view of what you are manifesting and how you are doing it
Business Balls
Funny, inspirational and motivational quotes from a business and personal development site. This site also contains funny and amusing stories and quotes from insurance claim forms and TV shows.
Inspirational poetry
A website for truly inspired poetry.
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