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Hypnotherapy is a way to help you bypass your conscious mind and allow you to access the power of your subconsious mind in order to affect changes that can have real results in your life.  It is not at all like the sensational stage hypnosis used for entertainment purposes, but a relaxing and incredibly powerful technique to help you overcome some of your deepest fears and negative behaviours. 

Hypnotherapy can often be used successfully in the following areas:

  • Helping overcome phobias (in conjunction with other phobia techniques)
  • Weight managment
  • Smoking cessation
  • Self-confidence and self-esteem building
  • Overcoming specific traumas

Hypnotherapy sessions usually last for an hour although we can sometimes recommend other hypnotherapy techniques such as self-hypnosis as a adjunct to individual sessions.  A short course of hypnotherapy (2-3 sessions) may be required depending on your individual circumstances. 


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